Saturday, October 11, 2014

from my files (a note for baby-to-be Porter)

dear little one,
how i love to feel you stretch and move and wiggle and kick and stretch inside of me. oh, what an awesome thing it is to have a life inside of me. and soon to give all my strength and effort and endurance and faith to bring you into the world. and then to stretch all of my capacity to love and care for you and your brothers and sister each day. i saw your little heart beating today at my ultrasound. your diaphragm practicing for the moments you'll learn to breath. all your parts slowly, slowly - but oh really so quickly! - growing into my little son who i will meet - maybe tonight! maybe in a few days, maybe next week. but another little son so soon will be here in my arms . to love and cradle and feed and nurture and oh, to wake up with through each night. and you'll learn to smile to walk to laugh and play. to follow along with the adventures of our home. and oh we will love you. and a new lulaby will be yours and i'll hold you and sing. someday you'll join in. right now you'll just learn to be still and to feel your mother loves you so.