Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some Favorite Things by Owen Brough

How we love this happy Owen. 

What is your favorite letter?
       all of the letters in the alphabet
What is your favorite number?
       all the numbers! I love everything!
Do you have a favorite color?
       I love all of them! Actually I love five colors (counting on his fingers) -- one is green, one is purple, one is yellow, one is red, one is green...we already did green? One is blue.  And another five -- what five colors did we not do? (with help) brown, orange, pink, black, and white. Five and five I like!
Do you have a favorite animal?
       What animal has the letter J?  (jaguar)  Jaguar! One that has a Z in it… Zebra! and Horse, Cow, Zebra… A cow is my favorite animal. And a horse is my favorite, favorite animal. I definitely like horses. What does definitely mean? (what does it mean Owen?) It means you for sure will. I definitely like horses. 
What are some things you like to do?
       play all day! play tinker toys, make a square on paper, I'll go do that right now! I mean after this. Play with that new balloon, blanket fight - then we would have to fight with blankets! And then the person that had a blankt on his head would throw it to the other person that throwed it on his head. Would that be funny? Then I would throw it back to him!