Monday, October 13, 2014

trash to treasure/ treasure to trash

Me? I'm way too cute for mischief!
A few days ago I decided to try reorganizing our kitchen cupboards, getting rid of whatever was out of date or we weren't going to use and finding better spots for the appliances and things we really get to most. Unfortunately, about the time that I had everything emptied out from several of our cupboards and our pantry shelves, I ran out of steam and our kitchen slowly grew more and more chaotic as Porter wandered in and out finding treasures and doing some reorganizing of his own.

Later that evening while Jordan was helping me put everything back together again, we noticed a few packages of brownie mix were missing… after some questioning of the big kids with satisfactory denials, we went searching, and searching, and searching.  Finally Jordan thought to check the kitchen trash, and we soon found that Porter was helping out with the pantry-clean-out. I wish I'd made a list, but it was like Mary Poppins endless bag full of tricks (except that it was a not-nearly-so-lovely garbage can,  full of  pantry foods) The missing brownie mixes, peanut butter, basil and cream of tarter and I'm sure a few more spices, mac & cheese, pineapple, soup, applesauce…

We've found Ellie and Owen's shoes in the trash and other kids toys (that apparently Porter was finished with!), kitchen spatulas and to-be-mailed packages.  Our van keys have been missing for several weeks now, and we're starting to wonder if maybe Porter helped clean those right up too!