Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More Raspberries, Reading

raspberry girl
Ellie stood with me out in the raspberry patch this afternoon, holding the jar while I filled it with berries from the too-high branches. I handed the jar to her almost full, expecting to need a second jar in just a minute. But no matter how many berries I added to that nearly full jar, it never did quite fill up. :)

happy reader
Also this afternoon, we put off homework (for raspberry picking and other outside time while sick Porter took a late nap inside). Landon had all three of his new books from library day today finished before we got to homework time about an hour after school. Somewhere in the middle, a friend came over to play on the neighbors little merry-go-round thing and Landon asked to go play, then quickly came back "And while I spin, I'll read!" During dinner prep (pumpkin soup bowls!), he told me the story of the first Dragon Slayers Academy book (today's were 14, 15 and 16) - fun to hear the stories from Landon with such excitement.