Sunday, October 19, 2014

Part 2: going to Park City by Ellie Brough

(see Part 1 here)
Getting ready for the Alpine Slide

      I went to Park City with everybody in the family to celebrate Mom and Dad's Anniversary because it's special.  We stayed in a hotel of course, and did lots of fun things. 
     We did the Alpine Slide once. It was so fun! (Probably for the boys to go down the slide) and the girls, me (Ellie) I had to go faster than Mom would feel like! It was still fun even though I couldn't go as fast as I really wanted to.  While we were going up on the chair lift, we saw a roller coaster and people going up slow and down fast like we were going slow up on the chair lift and then going fast down on the slide. 
      Once, we went swimming. It was really fun and there was a lot of bubbles, but there were only two sides that had those. But even though there were only two sides, we could go in both ways so it was still fun. 
      On Thursday, we played Scotland Yard. Me, Ellie - I was the robber. I even won! But we didn't really finish the game. Dad just said so, because we couldn't finish the game because it was late for bedtime. 
      On Friday, the next day, we went on a bike ride to get food. Once while we were going we went on a trail, and there were lots of different kinds of scarecrows! I knew scarecrows were supposed to scare crows. I joked about this - it's really funny - I said they would scare me! We got really yummy hamburgers when we got the place called Whole Foods. 
       On two days, we played a game called Pool. It was kind of funny - it was not a pool! We did not go swimming, that's not what I mean!  It was just a ball game. It was kind of funny because I thought it was called pool because the balls went in the holes like they were going into the pool under the water and then going out. It was fun! The sticks hit a white ball, the white ball hit a colorful ball into a spot, but sometimes we didn't make it. 
        When we went to Park City, I loved the trip! I remembered going there one time before. The end of the story.