Wednesday, June 5, 2019

First Summer Days

A few things from these first few summer break days:

+ The kids discovered the card game "Authors" and have played it probably a dozen times in these first 3 days of summer!

+ Two trips to Whittier park to play (in connection with cello rehearsal for Ellie)

+ A library trip (so many good books to bring home!)

+ Summer school (and such a happy surprise when the kids recognized the boxwood plants at the library that we'd learned about the day before!)

+ Some fighting, some grumpiness...

+ More searching/researching/working/helping to find a place for my Mom to live before an upcoming deadline

+ Kid made lunches of chocolate chip pancakes and pita pizzas (hooray for this remembered tradition from last summer!)

+ Young women's, scouts, cub scouts, activity days

+ Starting new summer jobs of taking care of the garden, and morning exercise (I love how the kids have been creatively completing their '15 minutes of exercising' job -- bike rides, runs, sit ups, running laps around our front room loop, a dance party, walking/jogging in place while making pancakes...)

+ Lego playing, hammock swinging, slow afternoon fun.