Friday, June 7, 2019

Summer Lunch

On Monday afternoon as we were just about to lunchtime, I remembered a new thing we had tried out last year with each of the kids taking a turn making lunch (for all the kids). I wasn't sure how the kids would feel about it, and when I brought it up I kind of expected at least a mini-revolt. Instead it went (wonderfully!) something like this:
Me: "So guys, do you remember last year how we had the kids take turns making lunches each day?"
Ellie: "Can I make it today?"
Owen/Porter: "Can I make it tomorrow?"

Woohoo! :)

This was today's lunch (above) that the kids all helped Landon make (with some kind of a deal in place -- 'I'll make regular waffles if I'm making it alone, but I'll make chocolate chip waffles if everyone helps...' :)

I have been feeling this first week of summer that things have shifted for us. I keep hearing in my mind little clips of conversations with friends who have kids older than mine, 'oh, just wait till such-and-such happens, it's a game changer!'

Each little thing has been kind of subtle, but all together I'm just noticing. The kids all made lunch for each other this week with hardly any help from me. I ran to the store in the middle of the afternoon with just a couple kids and the rest home together and I wasn't worried about racing back. So far, I leave on my morning walks in the morning while the kids are happily playing together, and I come home to the kids happily playing together.  Not every moment is magical, but some of these little moments sure feel like magic.

Happy weekend!