Friday, June 14, 2019

happy Friday

Whoosh - Our second week of summer was pretty different from our first! While our first was full of new routines and summer school mornings and open afternoons... this week the kids jumped in to Harry Potter Camp afternoons (and Portuguese Camp for Porter), I had a last minute overnight trip to Provo, we're tending for some friends for a couple days, and we just managed one day of summer school!  (Still, thankfully summer jobs have continued so even with a lot more going on, our house hasn't fallen apart :)

I still need to work out a quiet time, or I know our summer will fly right by and I won't have anything written to remember it...

For now...
Happy Friday! The kids convinced Jordan to wrap up early and join them in a game of King of Tokyo. The boys all spent the morning running in and out, playing in the hammocks and with the water outside with friends... a really lovely summer morning! Poor Ellie is sick with a cold (which Owen, Isaac, and I are getting over).

It's bright and sunny and yesterday I (mostly) wrapped up a big thing that has brought a lot of stress over the last few months so I'm reminding myself that I can breathe a little easier and maybe even celebrate a bit today :)

Happy weekend!