Monday, June 24, 2019

Happy Birthday Jordan!

(Those flowers were leftover Springtime decorations, not birthday decorations :)

Jordan had the kids ready for church by about 7:00 in the morning yesterday so they could all get started on a marathon game day for his birthday!

Jordan likes to say that he's old (and to be honest, I remember my parents being 40 and they were old ;) but I still just can't wrap my brain around the fact that we might just be getting old too, so I'm still not accepting it!

For the last two years on his birthday, our family went out on an all-day biking adventure around town with fun stops throughout the day. This year, the day before his birthday Jordan woke up and decided to see if he could run a half marathon (!) 

(Side note: Once in college Jordan and a friend decided on a whim to see if they could run a marathon -- they mapped out their own 26.2 mile route and then they ran it, just like that!)

The kids took turns biking along with Jordan as he ran his half marathon in laps around our neighborhood! And he did it -- he's one tough guy!

The kids picked out such sweet things for Jordan for Father's Day and his birthday, and I though it would be fun to remember: 

Landon: A fancy board game (Splendor) that he saw Jordan was interested in on a game shop stop earlier in the week, and 24 fun-size Reeces 

Ellie: A Father's Day song cello performance and a mini sculpture of Jordan at work in his office, and some Peach Habanero jam and Reeces pieces

Owen: Firewood for a campfire and a batch of his favorite (thumbprint) cookies

Porter: A "Best Dad Ever" wood block decoration and a badminton set to play together

Isaac: S'mores ingredients and a few various tape/baggie/paper creations :)

Happy Birthday to this great guy!