Monday, June 3, 2019

Here we go! (+ Summer School Plans)

after lunch lego time
Today is our first day of Summer Break! I've been excited to be prepping routines, job schedules, and summer school plans. And it was great to see everything work out pretty well today so far. Here we go!

Things I will miss about this school year: 

+ Porter and Isaac's morning playtime. While I'd do my morning jobs, they'd play close by in such a sweet, happy, imaginative way -- but in a way that I know won't happen with the energy and presence of all the older kids.

+ Helping in Porter's class. Kindergarten is the best.

+ Quiet time! :) We were all ready for Summer, but still, summer for me is definitely more work. More work that I love, but also just more!

Things I will NOT miss about this school year: 

+ School mornings of trying to help/encourage/persuade the kids through their morning routines

+ School mornings of trying to help/encourage/persuade the kids out of the car to go in to school (phewph - I'm glad this is done!)

A few things I'm excited for this summer: 

+ School time! We had our first day today and it was a success -- We had fun and everyone was happy -- hooray! :)

We're doing a nature theme this year with one of us introducing a new plant, flower, tree, or bird each day along with some kind of activity.

Then the kids have rotations:
1. Read with Mom (I'm excited about all the great books I get to read with the kids and for this scheduled in one-on-one time. Here are our books for now (oldest to youngest): Far North, The Wheel on the School, Frindle (then Justin Case), Nate the Great)
2 . Play with Isaac
3. Writing (with these penmanship and writing workbooks - we haven't used these before, so we'll see how this goes.)
4. Tech (keyboarding/ math) and
5. Piano practice (or Portuguese for Porter)

+ Good routines -- sometimes it takes a while for these to fall into place, but I feel like we're off to a pretty great start. (The kids were halfway through morning jobs before I was up, so that's a good sign!)

+ Morning walks

+ Summer programs at the North Logan library

+ Swimming

+ All the fresh fruit! And planning dinners around 'what's good with watermelon?' :)