Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We just got this Mother Goose book and Jordan has been reading the poems to Landon for the last few days.  Yesterday and today, Landon wowed us in saying them back to us almost totally memorized! I had taught him the "Hey Diddle Diddle" one a few months ago and he loves to say it, but this time he just heard them a couple of times and knew them - it must be those good old rhymes! :)

And another wow for us -- for the past few days, I started singing "Families can be Together Forever" to Landon for his night time song - today I asked him to sing it to Jordan (knowing that he'd learned the first line) and he went ahead and sang the whole thing! I'd just tell him the first word of each line and he sang all the rest! 

What an amazing little kiddo! :)

(This week, I've been trying to spend more time one-on-one doing fun things w/ Landon. Here he is w/ his shapes picture that we made together yesterday morning. :)