Monday, March 23, 2009

Landon Quote Wall

Jordan just found this note I'd jotted down on a post it a few months ago -- I'd gotten up to go do some chores after playing with Landon and he ran behind me saying, 
"Come back! I have a duck for you!"

Last week on our date night, we went to the Olive Garden. Landon was getting pretty wild, so we were grateful that they brought out the salad and breadsticks pretty quickly. Especially when Landon grabbed a breadstick and started eating it, saying - 

"The bread is helping my sillys go away!"

After watching Tigger and Pooh...
"Landon, do you want to stretch with me?"
"Um... no. Stretching is not what Landon's do best."

His latest response to my requests to be careful -
 "I will be careful someday Mommy."

Jumping through his maze of boxes, 
"This is very fun - you should try it Mommy!"