Thursday, March 19, 2009

Salt Lake Vacation

Last weekend Jordan had a Ruby conference up in Salt Lake and we decided to make it a fun little vacation. While he was at the conference, Landon Ellie and I played around and then we all hung out after his classes were over on Friday and Saturday. April even came down on Saturday to play with us too! :)

Playing at the hotel...

I didn't get any pictures, but Landons favorite thing was playing in the hotel pool with Jordan -- he was just giggling with happiness even in the freezing cold water. :)

At the library... I love going to the Salt Lake library because it is just such a cool building. In their kids section they have a few little reading rooms that are super cute too. We got there as they opened so Landon found the tree house room with all of the Animals nicely set out -- he quickly took them all from there places and put them all down to nap around the room w/ a sweet "good night Mickey Mouse... good night panda bear..."

At the St. Patrick's Day parade... April discovered this and it was super fun. They had lots of Irish dancers (I never knew so many little girls even did Irish!) and bagpipers and a bunch of kind of random groups that were fun to see. 

At the zoo... you can't see so much with the glare, but this is the monkey exhibit -- Landon fit right in. :) Landon was the most excited to see the elephants. 

We also went to Temple Square (It doesn't look like this yet w/ all the Spring flowers, but soon enough...! :) and we got to  show Landon all of the pictures of Jesus in the visitors center. (We also tried out the Lion House and the Nauvoo Cafe, both very yummy. :)

April  found a fun little British shop and we tried a few new treats -- 

(Not such a fan of the Turkish Delight -- it leaves kind of a soapy after taste...)
Pretty fun - the minty part inside is made up of all these little airy bubbles. Yum! 

This was my first big thing w/ both Ellie and Landon mostly by myself and it turned out to be lots of fun! :)