Monday, March 9, 2009


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Jordan has been trying to lose some weight for a long time and we've tried lots of different healthy eating plans... but haven't been able to stick with any of them. But, we finally came up with the perfect diet -- Jordan eats exactly what I eat. 

This is great for me, because now that somebody else knows every time I grab a treat for a snack, I'm more motivated to think of something better to snack on than mini-candy bars. And it's been super great for Jordan. We've been doing this for 2 weeks and he's been able to really stick with it and he's already lost 10 pounds! Hooray for my sweetheart! :)

(Just for fun -- this is Jordan's home office. He gave up his fancy L-shaped desk for this set-up w/ our stationary bike a few months ago so that he can get some good exercise while he programs away all day. :)