Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two Months Old! :)

How do these kids grow so fast?!? Here's our little Ellie, a little blurry...and a little silly w/ a fresh out of the tub curly do...
I'll have to get some better pictures :)

But, oh this little girl is a sweetheart! Yesterday and today she gave us her first little giggles and she is just full of happiness and smiles. She loves to have little conversations of "ooohs" with us and gives such sweet smiles in return. She's still such a mild and precious little girl! She's getting a little more used to Landon and likes to watch him play (which he just gets a kick out of!) and she'll often be calmed down by his ABC's song or him shaking one of her rattles "I have to shake it to make her feel better..." he says. :)

She's just a sweetheart through and through!