Wednesday, February 3, 2016

a Sunday morning disaster

playing a pretend sleeping game with Ellie :)
This weekend I was thinking more about what we could do to make our Sunday more of a special Sabbath day.  Jordan was out of town, so one thought I had was wanting to do  as much as we could on Saturday to get ready for a calm Sunday morning (and day). After lunch, we had a little family meeting and I even played "Saturday is a special day" before reading off the list of jobs :) And we worked hard! We got so much done in getting our house cleaned up and organized, meals planned, groceries bought, (snow shoveled!), and even Sunday clothes set out.

Sunday morning went super smoothly -  the kids and I were all ready at 8:45, and all the big kids were in the van when I went to find Porter for shoes and socks.

But then I found little Porter in the kids room, with one of Ellie's shelves empty, and all of her special treasures spread all over the room. And her newly made "sand art" sprinkled on top of everything. And a nearly emptied bottle of bright purple glitter nail polish being given one last good shake across the carpet (and Porter's brand new Sunday pants).

Landon came in and kept Porter at the bathroom counter, comforting his so-sad "Mom yelled at me!" with such kind soft words (that were not nearly as appreciated by me at the time as they were a short time later!) "It's okay Porter, everyone makes mistakes. Mom shouldn't yell, should she?"

I dabbed at the nail polish, but soon decided to handle the problem later. After church we vacuumed up the bright colorful sand from everything and restored Ellie's treasures to their spots. I still haven't tackled the nail polish. Ellie told me this morning though, "You know that purplish color that's left from all the nail polish? It doesn't look very good right now. But if all the carpet was that color, it might look kind of nice!"

(At least now I have a back up plan if we can't get this out :)