Friday, February 19, 2016

happy weekend

I think this started out as a "take my picture" by Ellie to document her crinkly hair before school one morning. Then she had one brother next to her, then two, then all three :) I sure love these guys!

We were so excited to be into February (and out of January) this year that I even hung up our calendar a few days early. And though February was much less busy, it had lots of little events the first few weeks for me. Nothing too big or crazy, but just things that meant I had to get dressed up in real clothes most days :) Today we had book group at our house (again, not a big thing, but just something requiring vacuuming) and it was kind of the last extra scheduled thing for the month. So I'm feeling relieved and happy for a more empty calendar this next little while. Landon always asks when he gets in the car after school "what's on the calendar today?" and one day he said, "I love it when there's lots of stuff on the calendar!" I know I've felt like that in the past, but these days I'm just so happy with empty calendar spaces!

Other little things from this week:

-We've had very few Porter disasters, woohoo!
- I went to help out in Landon's class yesterday during dance, and it was so super fun to watch those kids dance! (And dance with them a little bit too with the heel-toe polka :)
- I'm loving watching Owen learning right now. He finished reading his first kit of 'Sam books' from the library this week and has also been so excited to figure out little math problems. Driving home from school, he said from the back of the van "Mom, you + Dad equals 69!"(32 + 37)
- Porter is sleeping so much better these days! He's reached the tipping point where there are more sleep-all-night nights than wake-ups -- hip, hip hooray!!!
- Ellie's taking on Porter preschool time too now. Landon's friend Will was over one day while she was having school time with the boys and said to her, "Maybe we should pay you to come teach all these things to (my little sister) Abby!"