Friday, February 5, 2016

Dear one

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One of the magical things that I just love about our neighborhood is getting to see deer so often. A few weeks ago, we left to take the kids to school and one was meandering across the driveway. Porter will still say as we return home every once in a while, "we saw a deer one time in our front yard!"

This morning I stepped out back to get Jordan (to rescue us in our late for school + the van's battery is dead predicament) and I spotted a deer back behind our raspberry patch. I almost called the kids out to see, but then realized that something wasn't right. One of his legs was caught up on the fence, not as it should be. Jordan called animal control while Landon and I sat on the rocking chair and just cried for this poor hurting deer. (Plus a prayer from Landon and his own reassuring words - he'll be happy soon, because he'll be in heaven.)

I've always been an adament 'no pets' kind of mom. And I'd kind of gotten it into my head over the years that I don't really like animals. (And how could that be as the mom of Landon who loves them so much??) But feeling such sadness for this deer this morning, and just thinking of the little burst of joy I feel every time we get to see the deer across the street at the park or in our yard or walking down the street... I think I really do have just a little bit of Landon's love too.