Monday, February 1, 2016

Snowed In

We woke up Saturday morning in a true Winter Wonderland. We'd had quite a bit of snow the past little while, then overnight we'd gotten a lot more and it was just about as snowy as I can remember seeing it here.  Jordan was going to be out of town for the weekend, so he went out early on Saturday with Landon and worked for about an hour and a half unburying us.

Still, by the afternoon we had a few more inches so Landon and I went out to tackle the snow shoveling job again. We did the front walk and almost made it down the driveway when I finally noticed the giant hill the snow plows had left for us, blocking our driveway completely. I'd already shoveled about as much as I could manage, so I called our home teacher for help.  Landon was still a trooper though and kept working while we waited for help to come. :)

(and a little play too of course for this snow-loving boy!)
John came and got right to work and soon his Father-in-law arrived with a tractor plow. In no time the driveway was totally clear and the giant hills were gone - phewph!

Except, about 2 minutes after they left, the snow plow came through a second time and left a barricade even taller than the first! (probably about 4 feet high!) So I called for help again and it wasn't long before our driveway was clear and we could make our big journey to the grocery store. :)

Hooray for such a great home teacher!!