Tuesday, February 16, 2016

sunshine day

We checked the temperature before our lunchbreak walk this morning, and it was 49 degrees! Woohoo! We were thrilled last week when we got a warm afternoon of 35 :) We had some beautiful snow this weekend that also cleared out the week's inversion, then these warm days!

We got home from our walk this morning and Owen asked to stay outside to ride his scooter. I sat on the porch while the boys played (and our neighbors from across the street joined in). What a happy warm winter day!

Also this weekend: a long 4 1/2 day winter break from school for the kids, a fancy Valentine's family dinner on Sunday evening, a planning commission meeting, a relief society activity, some errands and emails and jobs to tackle, the Republican Lincoln dinner for Jordan and me, our final round (?) of Risk Legacy (game #15), some more decision making, a fancy brunch of English scones by Ellie and Jordan, another Star Wars movie party (we're making our way slooowly through these -- we've almost finished #3 and we started during Christmas break! :), and lots of talking and working and playing.