Monday, February 29, 2016

Aunt Glenda's / Provo City Center Temple

Star Wars fun in the Jungle Room
Last weekend we decided to take the chance to go down to Pleasant Grove to see Jordan's Grandpa Johnston for a quick, probably last visit. Kathie and Winslow are there with him at Aunt Glenda and Uncle Gary's house, so we were excited to see all of them too (And, the kids were also super excited about the toys they remembered!)

While we were there, we got to visit the open house and take a little tour of the Provo City Center temple. It was so beautiful and just really wonderful to walk through and point out all the special little things to the kids.  Something about walking through each room along with the kids made the blessings and work of the temple seem even more simple and wonderful. I really loved it. (Ellie especially loved the stained glass, and it was fun yesterday at our Stake Conference in the Logan tabernacle to notice the stained glass there and be reminded of our special day at the temple the weekend before.)

(Also, a beautiful description of this temple here )