Thursday, February 5, 2015

Changes, Progress, Sweetly Sleeping

A few days ago, Porter woke up from his nap a little sleepy still. I brought him out to sit with me while I finished my Duolingo lessons. I was loving to hold him - so calm and so still! Before long, I looked down and he had fallen right to sleep in my arms. What a sweet few minutes to just hold this sweetly sleeping boy!

And speaking of sleep... (I'm always speaking of sleep when it comes to Porter I think!)

This week, I feel like maybe we're making some progress. We had some crazy nights last week, and then switched things up a bit which I think has helped.  His recent nights have been something like this:

6:30/7:00 bedtime
up once or twice before our bedtime around 10:00
10:00-5:00 up 2-4 times
5:00-6:30 up lots and lots and lots of times until we finally get him up (tired and worn out - like his mommy!) at our official wake up time.

The last few nights have been more like this:
6:30 bedtime
up once or twice before my 10:00 bedtime
10:00-5:00 up only once or twice
5:00-6:30 up just a few times, and then happily awake and ready to play at 6:30

I'll still celebrate next time we have a 'sleeping through the night' night, but even these little changes have felt pretty huge to me!