Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January Treat Plan Update

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While we ate our cookies and ice cream on January 31st, I asked everyone what they thought were the best and hardest parts of our January treat plan --

-  I liked not having treats be rewards, and finding other things that were better rewards than treats.
-  I liked just making things together
-  I liked saving money when we didn't buy desserts or treats or junk food
- I liked our pineapple snack treat and how it felt like even more of a treat since we weren't eating so many other sweet things.

- I really liked how we got to make a lot of homemade desserts
- It was hard to not get cookies or doughnuts at Lee's
- I disliked not buying any treats
- (What was hard to go without?) Life Cinnamon

- I like that you (Debbie) let me be in charge of making a dessert!
- I liked having the desserts on some days
- It was kind of hard for me to not eat my birthday treats

Owen: (very focused on his cookie eating :)
-  I liked Ellie to make cookies and ice cream
- I liked the cookies
- I like to smash the cookies

- I loved most that I felt like we were doing this great healthy thing for our family, and something I never thought I was even capable of doing.  (Which sounds so silly since now it seems like such a no-big-deal thing, but it sure felt like a big deal before! :)
- I liked that dessert days were extra special and we got to take time to plan out and make an extra special treat for our family.
- I loved that we were all working together as a family. That was such a great motivation to me and so fun.
- It was super cool to see that my tastes really changed. The second time we had chocolate chip cookies in the month, I couldn't believe how crazy sweet they tasted!
- At first it was hard to have all the Christmas treats hidden away and not want to munch on them, but it pretty quickly became no big deal.
- I liked that I didn't have to be tempted at all the treats on display at the grocery store - having a set rule made it super easy to ignore all that.
- And now I'm excited to keep up with a good February treat plan!