Monday, February 16, 2015

February Campfire

To celebrate President's Day (with time off from school and work) and our beautiful February, we made plans for a breakfast campfire this morning. With temperatures nowhere near our last winter campfire, we thought we'd be all set with our great layers of bundling. Unfortunately, Porter had a hard time keeping his shoes and gloves on, and even a beautiful morning was still quite chilly for his bare hands and feet which meant a sad little guy. So Porter and I spent some time keeping warm in the van while Jordan cooked a delicious pancake breakfast and we waited for the sun to come up over the mountains.

Then with full tummies and some warmer sunshine, we had a great time walking along the little trails and keeping warm by the fire... and next time we'll bundle little Porter even better. :)


A few weeks ago, one of the kids had a mini-disaster as they were working on a surprise project. Jordan was super encouraging and said something like "the mistake doesn't matter - what matters is what a super great thing you were doing!" I just loved that and have been trying to remember it. We want to create happy memories for our family, and I think it's helpful to remember that the mistakes (or the cold toes/retreat to the van) don't matter as much as the happy little moments.