Saturday, February 7, 2015

Welcome Home!

Fall leaf February clean up
We are so happy to have Jordan back home! After a morning of just relaxing and enjoying Jordan's homecoming, we celebrated with a fun lunch of bread twists and salad at Pizza Factory, and then enjoyed all afternoon outside on this crazy beautiful day. The park was busy all day with kite flyers, frisbee players, walkers, runners, kids and families... oh! What a beautiful day! We tackled some yard work leftover from the Fall and Jordan and I talked out some Brazil plans while  Ellie and Landon played with friends and Owen and Porter so happily explored outside. Then a pizza movie party to end the day, and a happy day it was!

It's been such a delight to watch Porter rediscover what 'outside' really means. At one point he sat at the top of the mini hill where our lawn and our neighbors' connect, then scooted himself down - one little scoot at a time - saying 'Wheeeeee!"