Monday, February 23, 2015

Tickets to Brazil


It's official -- our plane tickets are purchased! We're really on our way to this big adventure! This was definitely the most intense step until we hop on that plane.  Back in college, I lived in an apartment with a long narrow street/driveway leading into it -- It always made me so nervous to drive through when another car would be coming the other way that I would have to fight myself to not just squeeze my eyes shut till the car had passed. And I kind of felt like that here -- once all the decisions were made at last, It was probably good that Jordan just went and purchased the tickets while I helped the kids so I could just focus hard on something else and try not to think of all the reasons why I should run tell him 'wait!'

It was crazy how many details we had to figure out to finally click 'buy' on our tickets though. Travel dates and schedules for everyone involved,  most cost-efficient while still reasonable days/times (Jordan spent hours on this!), coordinating two different departure cities, best layover options,  seat arrangements and assignments (top priority: how can we help Porter not keep an entire plane full of people awake all night long?), trip insurance? credit card points? day trips combined with arrivals/departures? Lots of little decisions to make.

 Next up is Visas and then we're on to the fun of picking out what destinations will fill our days while we're there.  I've been practicing my Portuguese (reading) searching for good Brazilian 'mom blogs' to help me find the best ideas of where to stay, places to visit, fun things to do with kids, etc .

Hooray for this exciting adventure ahead!!