Monday, February 2, 2015

Owen and Porter Play Time: Part II

I'd been checking on the happily playing boys every 15 minutes or so. They raced cars down the table slide for a long time, then I saw Owen getting out a box of activities I have set aside to do with the kids. He seemed to be interested in just a fun letters game so I didn't worry about it and kept enjoying this surprise morning of getting-things-done. After almost 2 hours, I started to hear a little Porter sadness and headed downstairs to get the boys. Imagine my surprise to see a very purple and pink Porter climbing up the stairs to meet me! Owen was right behind with suspiciously colored hands, arms and legs... A few more steps and I saw the very purple and pink carpet, and the empty tie-die box nearby, with several dripping bottles.  A few more steps along the colorful path and then a very pink bathroom (with super cute little purple footprints all over the 3 rugs.)

My 2 hours of get-things-done were well paid for the rest of the day with a few hours of bathroom cleaning (and still tie-dyed grout/cabinet spots/etc. ) and a few more hours of carpet cleaning (and quite possibly permanent pink carpet).

Porter was quite upset about the whole ordeal (or maybe just that he didn't get to play in the colorful toilet anymore). But Owen didn't seem too worried. Mom was taking pictures, he got to practice his color mixing we've been learning about ("I tried all the colors together and guess what! It made brown!!") He and Porter got to have matching purple hands and feet all day (any ideas? more bath time?) Not too bad! (He's a tough one to get mad at anyway because he's full of such happiness, but I did try to remind him throughout the day that this was not something to be repeated!)

I've been trying out a cleaning trick tonight where you put a solution on ("Juice Out"), let it sit, then put a hot iron on it (with a  wet towel between) for 5 minutes, then scrub and repeat. So far it's helping, but there are a lot of spots to work through and scrub (and I just finished up the bottle)... But it looks like with a few more evenings of cleaning, we can get at least from a hot pink to a lovely light pink :)