Wednesday, June 17, 2015


We left for Brazil just before the first real safe-from-frost-in-Logan weekend (Memorial Day). Combined with busy end of the school year/trip prep before that, we hadn't gotten around to planning or planting our garden, and assumed we'd just have a no garden-summer.


When I went to clear out all the weeds that had gone crazy in our garden boxes while we were gone, I found hidden beneath all the morning glory about a dozen tomato plants (volunteers), happy and healthy! And something about that tomato plant smell and the freshly weeded garden boxes just made me so excited to be growing things again this season.

This morning I cleared out out the rest of the boxes, Landon and I mapped out where everything should go, and we assigned one or two plants to each of the kids. I've always had this great vision of the kids helping in the garden, but have never taken the time to make it happen, until now! (I'm crossing my fingers that garden work can be a really happy part of our summer routines.)  Landon planted sunflower seeds and lots of little corn starts. Ellie planted sunflowers and  zucchini plant. And Owen planted two little hills of pumpkin seeds. I have a few more squashes to plant and a salad mix something... and then my plan is to fill in all the other space with green beans (because it's more fun to have green beans growing than weeds in the blank space :)

Hooray for a late start garden!