Tuesday, June 16, 2015

sweet surprise

Yesterday morning, just after we'd finished our morning jobs, my Dad called and I went in my room for a minute to talk. It wasn't long before Landon came in "It's an emergency!" to let me know that Porter had dropped and broken a jar of spaghetti sauce in the kitchen. With splatters (and tiny little bits of glass) from one wall to the opposite wall and all the way in between, I sent all the kids downstairs to play/take care of Porter while I tackled the mess. Later in the morning, the kids brought me downstairs to show me their sweet surprise - a throne for Queen Mommy set up lovingly in the laundry room. A nice cozy bean bag chair to relax in with my favorite book (though the rest of the laundry room lacks in coziness I must say, particularly since we are so soon home from vacation!), some treasures from the kids toy supply, and a cupboard full of love notes "We love you! A+! Cool, Great, Keep Going! Thanks for being our Mom!" I sure love these kiddos.