Monday, June 1, 2015

checking in

Well this has been a wonderful adventure so far!  We're wrapping up our stay in São Paulo today and getting ready for a day trip to Rio tomorrow with just the big kids, then we'll be off to Florianopolis for the second half of our stay. Phewph! We've been walking, bus-ing, metro-ing, and taxi-ing all around this great big city and having a really, really wonderful time. Parks and playgrounds and restaurants and shops and paths and markets. To church and  to school.  And new sights and sounds and smells and tastes. Sunny days and a few drizzly days and morning movie times (in Portuguese of course!) Reading and talking and listening and  practicing and understanding (just a little for me and a lot for Jordan) And  I'm taking lots of notes and pictures so I can remember (and share!)  all of our favorite parts.