Friday, May 22, 2015

Here we go!

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I talked to my sister recently about our trip, and she mentioned how her husband had joked, something like "Debbie won't go sky-diving but she'll take 4 kids to Brazil?"  (Not without the secret weapon of grandparents + Aunt April! )

And now, we're on our way! (We'll leave our house at 11:00 today and we'll land in Sao Paulo about 9:00 tomorrow morning!)

I just read a sweet book, Courage for Beginners, and I read it at just the right time to help calm my worries about such a new, big, different, exciting adventure. All the time I was packing up yesterday, I'd stop for a minute every once in a while between the rush of packing and realize, this is for real - we're actually taking our family to Brazil tomorrow...!    And I'd think of this favorite line and feel braver and happier: 

Here is a girl who will fear all the fear and go forward anyway. 

Really, we've been so busy with all the getting ready that I've felt much less worried than I would have expected from myself. :) And hooray for that!

And, off we go!