Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Shopping with little ones

I usually do what I can to run errands on my own.  Grocery shopping we can manage just fine, but anything beyond that, I try to do during Jordan's lunch breaks, nap times, or after work. This week though I had a few errands that I wanted to get done enough to even bring the kids along. Yesterday, the little boys and I picked up Ellie from school and went to make a couple of super quick stops. Our first stop was a run in to Old Navy to return something and pick up a few t-shirts for me and the kids. With Porter in my arms and Ellie and Owen searching for all the mirrors in the store (noisily enough that I always knew where they were, but not quite noisy enough that I was overly worried about bothering the other shoppers...) I felt like we still made it through the errand pretty well. Until I opened up our bag this morning and found not the t-shirts I'd picked out, but an entire bag full of little boy white t-shirts in various sizes. I can only imagine that I set down my own pile of t-shirts to chase after little Porter for a moment and then picked up the stores neatly folded display pile of white shirts by mistake. And with all three little ones around me/in my arms while checking out, I didn't even notice that all the cashier was ringing up (right in front of me!) were these white shirts -  what a funny mistake!