Thursday, May 21, 2015

Porter lately

Oh, I love these times!

Porter + Sleep:

Hooray for better sleep these days! A few months ago, Porter was sick and I brought him into bed with me for a few nights to help us both get through the nights a little easier. And it was so nice not to be getting out of bed throughout the night that we decided to make it a more permanent situation. We brought his crib into our room and smooshed it between our bed and the wall, with one side of the crib off, so as he wakes through the night I can just reach over to him and I get to stay in bed all night (and oh, what a luxury that is!) 
(I know there was a time when if anyone ever told me they were considering a set up like this, I would have quickly thought of all the reasons it was a terrible idea and how it would ruin their child's sleep, etc. but I couldn't be more grateful for the better sleep I've finally been able to get these last few months!)

Often after nap time, Porter will wake up but not be quite ready to wake up. So, I'll hold him while I read for 20 minutes or so and he'll drift right back to sleep in my arms (oh, I love this!), then wake up happy and alert and ready for the afternoon. 

Porter + Talking: 

Hooray for a sweetly talking little boy! Porter's in such a fun stage of new words every day and copying whatever we say that he can recognize. It is so fun. Our favorites lately - 

-- "Okay!" (with such enthusiasm -- a mother's dream response!) 
-- and not so dreamy "Whymom? (one word, which he obviously doesn't know the meaning of but he knows it's what the big kids say to mom's requests sometimes!)
-- "Porter" about the sweetest sound of all :)

Porter + Mischief: 

We had this short but wonderful reprieve when Porter kind of lost interest in climbing on the kitchen counters. But, he has recently re-discovered not only that he loves to climb, but also that he can push the kitchen stools anywhere he wants and then climb 'up high!'  

He also loves to empty our kitchen cupboards and pantry. We had several rounds of spices all over the kitchen floor before I finally thought to move the extra spices to a higher shelf (our vacuum cleaner still smells like cumin each time we vaccuum though!)

Porter + Love

Porter loves to read books, "go running!" around the house with the big kids, climb into his sleep tent at night, color (on any nearby surface...), sit on the counter to help with cooking, play play dough, go for walks in the stroller...

And we sure love this little Porter!