Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jordan's ManTime

The meditation cabin at Jordan's Canada conference center/cabin retreat

A few months's ago, I read about a men's retreat The Nesting Place was hosting -- ManTime at the Barn --
"A weekend that you think about when you see all those fun women’s blogging conference and you wish there was something for your husband to attend.A weekend here on our property, where the guys eat meat, sit around a huge bonfire, hang out with purpose and spend time outdoors..."
It made me start to think about what kind of a set up there would have to be for Jordan to get excited about something like this (I couldn't think of it!) But it wasn't long before Jordan suggested just the thing -- a week with his brother Drew in Washington, followed by another week of  working vacation, coding with coworkers/friends from Bonobos and FreeRunning at a cabin in Canada. It just worked out that the two events were back to back (meaning Jordan would be gone for 2 weeks!)  He was excited enough about both of them though that I mustered all the energy I could find and sent him off!

And he had a great time. And we did too even :) The kids and I made a fun habit of playing Uno or Monopoly Deal at bedtime most nights, and my visiting teachers were super nice to watch the boys so I could still go to Landon and Ellie's classes. And we made a big list full of ideas of fun things to do during those two weeks, but it turned out that just our regular life had enough events and activities and soccer games that we hardly even checked our list!   (Of course, we had some not-great times too -- The second evening he was gone, I was in tears and thinking "why did I ever agree to this???" And the half-way point was this exact circumstance --

But by the last few days, though we were greatly looking forward to Jordan's return,  it also felt like, "wow! that went quickly! I still have more projects I was going to get done :)"  

We are sure happy to have Jordan back home though! (And happy that he could have such a fun adventure too!)