Monday, May 4, 2015

Some days are like that

A sweet note from my little Ellie (given to me a few days ago after the little boys, with a little encouragement by their should-have-known-better big brother emptied the Costco-size laundry detergent all over the laundry room) I'm so grateful for reminders like this little note, given with such love. 
We had quite an evening yesterday. I talked with my Uncle for a few minutes just after I'd put the kids to bed, and when he asked how the kids were doing, I was a bit alarmed to find myself telling him about our crazy evening with the toilet overflowing and Porter crying in distress, overdue for bedtime... and then I surprised myself even more, answering truthfully when he said "You must be exhausted!" I suppose I was too tired to even come up with a cheerful statement in response! (Like this wonderful story Heidi Swinton told at a recent Relief Society activity we had)

Certainly things are looking brighter today though, and yet again I'm recommitted to "not talk meanly".