Friday, May 15, 2015


I read this recently in a sweet book, Ida B. and I just loved it. It seemed like the perfect description of what home school would look like if we did it and did it well. And really this is normally how our preschool time has gone. Every once in a while we'll have a period of more structured preschool time, and probably (hopefully) this summer will be a bit more structured just to help me keep things sane. But, this little description really I think is just perfect!

Here in the final stretch of the school year, we got busy with Jordan's travels and now distracted with our Brazil preparations, and homework time has definitely become just a 'get-it-done' time. But for a while I was working on making that after school time more meaningful/useful with some extra projects. I jotted down notes about one day's extra homework assignment and thought it was just fun to go back and remember.

Ellie and Owen and I had made some green spinach muffins earlier that day, so we had the recipe still out on the counter.

Landon's extra homework was to neatly re-write the recipe, doubled. (handwriting practice and adding fractions practice)

Ellie's job was to draw each ingredient from the recipe (reading, comprehension, and drawing practice)

And Owen's job was to tell me the first sound of each ingredient as I read it to him. (listening, phonics - "flour?" "fffff")