Monday, May 18, 2015

Hooray for soccer, and other Landon fun

happy soccer playing brothers

Landon's soccer season is just about over, and it has been such fun. I went alone to his game on Saturday because it was a rainy, rainy day (and we thought it would be a little tricky for all the other kids in the rain...). Happily, that meant I just got to really focus and watch him play, and oh! it is so fun! It's been so great to watch Landon and all of the boys on his team working so hard and learning new things and listening to their coaches... His coaches are really amazing, and even though I'm not sure that the boys have won many games this season, I've always left each game feeling so proud of them and the good skills they're learning and great players they're becoming -- and I think the boys feel that way too.

Also this weekend, Landon bought himself a football and spent all weekend playing catch with whoever he could get the attention of at the moment "Pass!" I think Landon's happiest moments with me and Jordan are just times like these - playing pass with the football, catch with a baseball, or tossing the frisbee back and forth. I need to remember that, so I'll be ready for the next 'want to play?'