Wednesday, May 6, 2015

April meal plan/treat plan updates

Meal plan: Super, great, hooray for simple dinner time!

Treat plan:
I'm full of questions right now about how things should go for our families 'treat plan'. We did great in April. We stuck to our rules and had some fun dessert nights.  Those desserts were much simpler this month - chocolate/cream cheese frosting sandwich cookies and m&m cookies,  pistachio pudding and chocolate pudding and rice krispie treats...  The kids have gotten excited about being in charge of dessert nights, and that is super fun.

 When we started our January treat plan, it really was an experiment of 'can we actually do this for a month?' And we did, and it was great - so much so that we've just most mostly kept going!

Now I'm trying to work out  how things should look long term. What should be our family 'rules' and why? I'm leaning more and more to less and less when it comes to sugar. But still I do miss  things like surprising the kids with chocolate chip cookies after school. And I'd like to get to the point where there aren't any rules anymore, it's all just normal/natural/how we do things in our family. So we'll keep working at it and figuring out what will work best for us. In the meantime, hooray for healthier eating!