Monday, June 22, 2015

Street Performers: Brazil Part 2

One of our first nights in São Paulo, we went for a walk from our hotel and ran into a big group listening to this violinist. Some of the street performers here were pretty well organized, though none so fancy as this - the tux, the speakers,  pianist, photographer, CD's for sale instead of just a jar for coins... (of course there were also several one-man shows too). I thought this was so fun. We stayed to listen for quite a little while - Landon was particularly mesmerized and the kids loved hearing familiar songs like I can't help falling in love with you.  It was just a happy welcome to the city!

Other street performer favorites -

* After our visit to the soccer museum, we stopped for a mini picnic just outside. While April and Jordan planned our route home, a trombone player nearby provided some fun tunes while we snacked and played.

* At the public market in Florianopolis, we heard a few minutes from this sweet teenager with a beautiful voice. "A menina  que canta e encanta" (The girl who sings and enchants) I loved it. (I just found this article with more about her - you can use google translate to read more --  Isn't it amazing that we could travel across the world and hear a 13 year old sing beautifully on a street corner, and then return home and find out more about her story online?)

* And one more music thought - There was American music everywhere here. In the malls, grocery stores, taxis, restaurants... I'm sure I heard more American music than Brazilian. There is such an interesting American/English influence in Brazil in their music, tv, bookstores, etc.