Monday, June 29, 2015

weekend report/ other thoughts

Our expert pancake maker, hard at work. 
Well this has been a wild and fun summer so far! We got back from Brazil and caught our breath for a few days, then before we'd finished unpacking, Jordan and the kids had a campout (a promised reward from May). We unpacked as we packed up for a day trip to Provo. Then Father's Day (we love you Jordan!) and a spur-of-the-moment decision and a trip to Bear Lake. We finished unpacking from that while Jordan packed up (see a theme here?) for the Father and Son's campout!

Add in Portuguese Camp for Ellie, Art classes for Ellie and Landon, getting back into our callings, a couple rounds of stomach flu for a few of the kids, working in the garden, reading good books, a late birthday celebration for Jordan with a surprise party in the 'forest' at the park, getting started with school time (traveling the world from our kitchen table)... phewph!

And yet, Jordan and I have been noticing and talking (amidst all of this!) how we're coming into our sweet spot again. Which I think translates mainly to we're sleeping again! (we're still hoping for sleeping through the night one day, but we are most definitely back to a life of sanity sleep-wise) And our kids are just sweet ages right now where we can do so many things we love to do.
We've been going and doing and playing and working and we've been happy. Also, sometimes grumpy because that's life. But mostly happy and capable and enjoying our little ones.  So hooray for all that.

This weekend, Jordan took the boys minus Porter to the Father and son's campout and Ellie and I had girls night/morning (+ Porter :) and it was super fun. A restaurant trip to Ellie's choice of Texas Roadhouse, reading scripture stories together before bed, a morning walk, a magic show by Ellie, and art project. And lots of time for Ellie to tell me about all the things.  I sure love this girl!