Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Family Home Evening Resource

not a Family Home Evening, but a fun kid project time (using Ellie's sand art kit)
I've had it on my mind for the last little while that I wanted to do better at having more meaningful Family Home Evenings. My first step was to start writing "Family Home Evening" on the calendar, instead of just "FHE" because I thought maybe that would help me remember to make it more of a part of our Monday nights and not just an afterthought to hurry through before bedtime. ( I think it's helped me a little :)

One other thing is that I've wanted to focus on using our lesson time better. A few weeks ago, I realized that you can search the friend.lds.org site by topic, and so far that has been a great resource. I've had a project on my mind for years now of having cute little binders with friend articles saved and categorized so that the kids or I could easily find a lesson...  But with this tiny little discovery, I'm finally not feeling guilty anymore for not making that project happen! Because this super easy and just a great resource for quick, meaningful lessons. Hooray!

Ellie has chosen as her goal for the last two weeks to make sure we save enough time to do an activity for Family Home Evening. (This has rarely happened, because it's so close to bedtime and Porter gets a little crazy/rambunctious + I get a little worn out and impatient... and we end of hurrying to finish.) So I guess that will be our next step - to figure out how to either calmly or crazily+patiently make it through with enough energy + time for a quick activity.