Friday, March 11, 2016

Yesterday & Today

This picture (Landon sand surfing in Florianopolis) is totally unrelated, except that I've been working with him on (finally!!) putting together a little presentation to tell his Portuguese class about our trip to Brazil, and I just watched the videos of sand surfing for the first time and it looks so cool! (Just Jordan and April and Landon went together)

Oh, goodness. We've had a busy and pretty intense morning and I'm sitting here and trying to remember what I did yesterday and am having a hard time remembering! Let's see...

- Grocery shopping with the little boys (which is actually pretty fun these days :)
- Reading books with the boys and playing number cards with Owen
- A lunch break walk with Jordan
- Quick nap time errands
- Putting together puzzles for preschool time with Owen then after school time snack and homework time with the kids (minus Landon playing with Will)
- Organizing Ellie's clothes drawer with her (until I wasn't putting things in the right place and Ellie let me know she could actually just do it herself :)
- Cleaning out and organizing Ellie's shelf with her (from Ellie "I'm going to draw a plan of what I want it to look like when we're done...")
- Pizza and roasted cauliflower for dinner plus a cupcake wars movie party
- Kids bedtime and talking with Jordan

(Okay, that wasn't so bad - I really hadn't just forgotten the day :)


- Friday mornings are busier than normal because we have to all get ready (even me!) before the kids go to school so I can go help out in Ellie's class. The boys went to play at the Kjar's, and with a last minute change of schedule I got to see Ellie perform in her much anticipated and looked-forward-to power hour puppet show.

- Book group

- And, I called to make an appointment to meet with the mayor on Monday about the Deer Pen (!)  A neighbor stopped by last night just before bed with some questions and concerns about the issue, and then after some discussions with Jordan I ended up dreaming all night about various Deer Pen issues (not the most restful or interesting dreams!) Finally this morning I had the courage to follow Jordan's advice and just call. We'll see how it goes!

- After book group, I sat outside while the boys played and talked to my sister Kel on the phone. (Outside! Hooray for Springtime!) And that was just super great.

- And Jordan has some big things happening with work so we had a few quick chats and check-ins in between meetings.

- Then lunchtime and naptime/quiet time and here we are :)