Thursday, March 17, 2016

funny things from our house

On deliveries --

A few days ago, I stepped outside to bring in a UPS package while the UPS guy was getting another box from his truck. When I saw the package wasn't for us, I walked it back out to his truck to let him know it was for our neighbor down the street. He answered, "Hah!  I'm just so used to coming here!"

On noise -- 

Our neighbors are remodeling their kitchen, and this morning there was some substantial construction noise going on.  On Jordan's lunch break, we were sitting at our kitchen table talking about possible plans for a trip to London while the boys and a still recovering Ellie were talking/running/playing/crying/laughing all around us. When Jordan stepped back outside to grab something from his office, and had only the construction noises around him, he came back in saying "It's so quiet out there!"