Thursday, March 10, 2016

February Little Things

These two made up a new game they called "fun fight" which was quickly outlawed (they sit up on the bathroom counter with feet in the sink in the running water, then get wipes or toilet paper all wet and throw them at each other...)


We put Ellie's hair in lots of braids one day so she could try out having crinkly hair :) (Also, Ellie was so excited to master a few piano songs that had been so tricky - "I can't believe these were ever hard!")

cute girl!

A fun little activity making designs with glue + pasta (I saw Kel had a pasta picture from Jaden up on her fridge months ago and have had it on my to-do list ever since)

And more fun combined preschool time with a workbook for Owen and some pictures + paper to glue for Porter

Ellie made up a fancy menu and then whatever was chosen off the menu from her restaurant guests, she would draw for them in a beautiful picture. 

Some play fort time

And cooking help/ mischief

Fancy english scones made by Jordan for a Valentine's weekend breakfast

It was finally warm enough that Jordan and Landon were able to scrape up the thick ice on our driveway!

A fancy Valentine's day family dinner

Snowman building (Porter was excited all winter for this!)

And a sledding trip at Old Main for Jordan and the boys (with a great little jump by Landon!)