Thursday, March 17, 2016

News at last!

In just a couple of weeks, Jordan is going to be working for a new great company called Lost My Name! They are a children's book company based in London that makes these super cute personalized books (like Owen's) We are so excited!

And we are so relieved to finally be out of the long-term limbo we've been in. Jordan decided before Christmas that he was ready to start looking for something new. January was filled with applications, phone screens & interviews (With about eight companies on his application list, he had more than thirty interviews in that one month! Some phone screens, some quick chats, a few on-site days -- including two trips to Washington in the same week! -- and lots of tech interviews in between. Phewph!)  Jordan was also working lots of nights and weekends through January, which made it easier to squeeze in interviews during the days, but also made life completely crazy for that month.

(His interviewing list: Lost My Name, Microsoft, Taser, Instructure, Harry's, Stack Overflow... and a few more :)

February the interviews were wrapping up and then it was decision making time. (Which was very hard!) Then came some waiting and crossing our fingers that everything was really going to work out time that lasted into March as Lost My Name worked on figuring out all of the logistics of opening a U.S. entity and hiring their first U.S. worker.

Finally last week they got everything all set up and now we're just looking forward to this great new adventure!