Friday, January 15, 2016

just a lot

just for fun, brothers + blanket fort
whoosh. This has been an intense January.

A few days ago, one of us (I'll protect our identity here :) was pulling out of the garage for a meeting and suddenly there was a loud crashing sound... and a broken garage door. (At least it was just the bottom of the door that hadn't made it open quite yet, not the whole door crashed through, that's good right?)

I think it was a bit of a 'hey guys, maybe you're spreading yourselves a little thin?" message. But we've kept on and our efforts to resolve the problem so far have been working hard each time we come and go to get the buttons just right and hopefully get the door at least mostly closed.

You always hear the advice not to spend too much time looking forward to some future time when things will be happier/calmer/better... but truly I think Jordan and I will both just be breathing a little easier in a few more weeks when things are settled a bit more!