Tuesday, January 19, 2016

a few little pregnancy thoughts

and a cute baby Ellie just because

When I was pregnant with Landon, I remember thinking I'd just tell my friends at work when I started to show, probably around 3 months or so. But then that time came and went and 4 months came and went and 5 months was approaching (or  somewhere in there, I can't remember exactly) and I was still snapping up my favorite jeans...when thankfully my best friend let the secret slip and then I could stop worrying about when the right time would be :)

After that experience, with every following pregnancy, I was sure in the first few months that I must be having twins because my tummy was growing so quickly! And for the first three months of each pregnancy, I just had this constant worry getting dressed every day of "oh dear, this makes me look pregnant!"

Until this pregnancy (at last, hooray!) Somewhere in the post baby-weight time after Porter was born (a time which also stretched out significantly with each baby), I finally found some better clothes to wear! Clothes that didn't make me stress about whether I still looked pregnant when my baby was x number of months/years old. Clothes that helped me settle into the important truths I'd found and was working to remember. 

I can't remember getting dressed one morning in the last 16 weeks and feeling any concern about looking pregnant. If the thought crossed my mind, it was immediately followed by the happy conclusion - "I am pregnant! How wonderful!" My jeans have gotten a little snugger along the way and I grabbed a hair tie for the top button on my favorite pair last week. And I've happily worn my favorite sweatshirts and pullovers through these winter months. 

And yesterday as we bundled up for snow shoeing and I had my snug under-layers on I looked in the mirror and saw that I really did look pregnant. And I was so excited that I went out and showed the kids - look how my belly is growing!

What a happy feeling. I hadn't stopped to think about all this so much, but what a blessing it has been to just be happy and content with my body these past few months and not have all that extra worry and concern that I carried with me along with my other tiny growing babies.