Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Ellie Anne!

We had a little birthday party on Saturday for Ellie. She and I sat down one evening over Christmas break and Ellie came up with a theme (A Castle Pajama Party -- "so it's fun for boys and girls" ), and we made a list of possible activities. A few days before the party, we narrowed down our activity list and Ellie made me a shopping list. When I realized the day before that I hadn't done much preparation, I was a bit worried till I reviewed my list and remembered everything was pretty low key  (Which turned out to be an extra good thing, because Jordan got sick the morning of the party so I was on my own to make things work!)

Don't eat Pete, a cup castle contest, cookies on a string, and a lava jumping (long jump) contest, a homemade piƱata (which Ellie saved an oatmeal container especially  for a few weeks early) and some cake and ice cream and Ellie and her friends had a happy time!

Ellie at seven years old: 

Favorite foods: Kitkats (but no plain chocolate), Chick-fil-a sandwiches (but no other sandwiches), cookie dough ice cream

Favorite colors: yellow, then purple, and blue is great to use because it always makes all the other colors next to it look good. 

When she grows up, she wants to be: A scientist (who will do projects and experiments for people when they want to figure something out), and an art teacher (with an art studio right at her house), and a mom.