Wednesday, January 27, 2016

around here

snow shoe adventure prep

Around here...

-- We made banana bread and muffins this morning and our kitchen smells just wonderful.

-- It is bright and beautiful (and cold of course :) and we are counting down the days till February. January has been crazy. But we're hoping some major things will be wrapped up/cleared up/worked out by the end of the month and for sure Jordan won't have to work any more nights or weekends. Woohoo!

-- I'm helping out with the Manners Tea at the kids school in a few weeks. We wanted to do some kind of a presentation about being kind, so I went in yesterday and worked with the lighthouse team to make a little movie. It was silly and fun and we got all the clips recorded in the 30 minutes we had, then I came home and put them together in an animoto and I think it'll work :)

-- I'd sent an email to the rest of the group involved with the steering committee with my concerns about some development the city is proposing near our home. In response, one of our city council members that I've really admired (Herm Olsen) reached out to me and took time to meet and talk about my concerns and what we could do, and I was just really grateful for that effort.  I'm still anxious about the whole issue though and trying hard to organize my thoughts well for the planning commission meeting tomorrow night.

-- Owen has been hooked on war (the card game) for the past few weeks. He's thrilled when he can find a partner, but almost just as happy to play his new favorite game on his own.

-- We're cleaning up spills. And more spills. And more spills. Porter has always kind of had a thing for disasters... but in the past week or so it's gotten a bit out of control. Pretty much anything he can get his hands on that has a bunch of something (the hot cocoa mix, the kids legos...) it's sure to be spilled and quickly scattered. I'm not sure what the solution is to this stage, any ideas?

-- Landon and I stayed up last night to work on his minion car for the pinewood derby tonight, and the kids are all excited for the little event.

-- I've been trying out new recipes (more about those later, maybe?) and have been so happily surprised with the last few and how quickly they've come together.

--  I brought home a pot of pink tulips that were on sale at Sam's club today and they are so bright and cheery on our kitchen table!