Wednesday, January 13, 2016

sick / vidangel

from great (free to use) image collection at pexels

This weekend,  I came down with a yucky (but gratefully short-lived) stomach bug. While I rested in bed and lived off of popsicles and 7-up for a few days, Jordan did a great job keeping all the kids alive and happy. :) 

And while I was sick, I finally took the chance to try out vidangel on my own. It's like the old clean flicks, but for streaming -- basically you can watch movies without the language/sex/violence/etc. I pretty much just watch kids movies these days because I don't want to be surprised with any of that, so I think vidangel is pretty cool. I watched A Beautiful Mind (long on my to-watch-someday list) and Lincoln (which definitely made me want to read/learn more). Both were great and it was especially nice, once I was feeling better to realize that I felt much less blah since I hadn't spent all my time with silly netflix episodes (though there was a little of that too). 

Probably the best part of the recuperating time though was little Porter climbing into bed next to me, adjusting the blankets just so and telling me "I'm coming to rest with you too!"